The Blackcode Group

3 Different tradecrafts

2Investment funds: Audacia meeschaert

15 M€ Turnover

155 Employees

250 Hosts & hostesses

220 000 Meals / year

255Events / year

Be it in their stages of conception, creation or development, our projects invariably follow three vital guidelines :

Contemporay cuisine Utmost care goes into selecting our staff, service providers and products. We use our ingredients appropriately with respect for seasons. Our creativity stems from the delicate blend of our modern vision with timeless Japanese tradition.

Unique venues No means are spared to ensure the excellence of our customers’ experience : tailored interior designs and decoration, coherent universes based on sound and smell, and refined furniture design, are key elements in this respect.

Tailored partnerships The events we work on or create, are closely conceived and executed in collaboration with our clients, ensuring that the axioms of creativity, beauty and grace that we hold dear, adequately serve our clients’ expectations and desires.