ADD is the high-end hosting service of the Blackcode Group.

The skill sets and personalities of our teams are invariably selected to match the requirements of any given project.

The guiding principles of our service are ones of elegance, sagacity and decorum, that are executed to meet the expectations
of our clients.

ASTOU COSTA DIMÉ Director/Founder +33 1 40 98 03 40


In order to make each event unique, our service is centered around well-structured and established yet flexible protocols.

In a world where the devil is in the details, each person’s role is vital : exclusive hospitality, seamless welcoming services achieved through organized listings of patrons, efficient and structured cloak room management, guidance, flawless knowledge of the event and the warm and welcoming smiles of our hostesses.


When operating within large trade shows, our teams display the constant and professional involvement necessary to the success of the mission.

Our personnel prides itself in its abilities of concentration, integration into the clients’ teams, knowledge of the brands’ values and message, and its versatility and resistance.

All of which are key in achieving operational excellence.

Restaurants & Other

In every type of venue (restaurant, bar, lounge…) our hostesses are instrumental in providing a warm welcome and flawless hosting services : specific and tailored greetings for each client, organized and professional response to telephone operations, ambitious reservation methods, elegant table placement, and infallible talent in dealing with the unexpected.

As such our hostesses invariably prove to be perfect ambassadors for our clients’ brands.